Pelican in the Community

Pelican exists not only to improve the lives of its employees and clients, but also the lives of those who live in the communities in which Pelican employees live and work.  Community is included as one of Pelican’s three primary objectives.  Pelican’s strategic commitments to community include encouraging and providing:

  • Responsible Stewardship
  • Dedicated Resources
  • Personal Engagement

Through these strategic commitments Pelican hopes to develop lasting relationships that drive increased business and thereby enable Pelican to invest further in improving the quality of the lives of others.

Pelican accomplishes its strategic commitments to community primarily through its Stewardship committee and the Pelican Energy Foundation.


The Pelican Stewardship Committee was founded in January of 2013 and is comprised of a cross-section of Pelican employees who volunteer their time to serve on the committee on a rotating basis.  The committee is charged with the responsibility of inventing and executing creative events and activities that encourage Pelican employees to engage in the giving of their talent, time and treasure.  As an additional encouragement, Pelican annually commits a sizable fund that matches dollar for dollar amounts contributed by Pelican employees.  Jean days, bake sales, raffles, and eating contests are just a few of the events used to raise funds within Pelican.  Competitions and company-funded prizes are used to encourage participation in various community service events, ranging from home building to charity walks to participating in school reading programs to blood drives.  Pelican sees encouraging a spirit and habit of giving within its Employees as an important way of improving their lives.

The Pelican Stewardship Committee is also charged with prudently distributing all raised contributions to Pelican employees in need and other members of the local community.  Pelican employees are encouraged to remain sensitive to the extraordinary needs of their fellow employees and less fortunate individuals in their community.  While focused on the needs of those with limited access to other charity services, Pelican also contributes to organized charities and fund raising events within the community.  All causes are vetted and selected by the Stewardship committee.

Some of the charities Pelican employees support includes:

relay-for-lifemarch-of-dimeswish-endowment Pelican Cystic Fibrosis FoundationBring It Home