Enhanced Oil Recovery Facilities

Pelican Energy offers a comprehensive suite of services to support client Enhanced Oil Recovery projects.  Pelican can provide complete engineering and management services for various types of enhanced oil recovery projects.  Our vast experience includes gas injection floods, water floods, steam floods, CO2 floods, polymer floods and flue gas floods.  Pelican is a worldwide leader in CO2 enhanced oil recovery projects and has provided our services to floods in the US, Canada, South America and Europe.  Pelican’s extensive US experience extends to all of the major CO2 flooded basins in the US which have been operating since the 1960s.  Our unique experience in warm and cold weather climates with numerous clients allows us to provide an unparalleled depth of solutions to your CO2 EOR project needs.  Some of the specific services that Pelican Energy provides for our clients are as follows:

  • Front End Engineering Design (FEED) Studies
  • AFE Estimating for Overall Project development and costs
  • CO2 Capture Facilities from Ethanol, Fertilizer and Amine Systems
  • CO2 production development form natural gas fields and CO2 reservoirs utilizing membrane technology
  • Pipeline Engineering, Compliance and Project Management
  • HYSYS Process Modeling and Heat Load Studies
  • Gas Treatment Systems including gas dehydration and COS or H2S removal
  • Water Alternating Gas (WAG) Facilities
  • Gas Gathering Systems
  • Recycle Compression Facilities
  • Production Separation Facilities
  • Remote Testing/Gathering Facilities
  • Electrical Substations and MCC Design
  • Oil and Water Treating Facilities
  • Carbon Capture and Sequestration Processes
  • Start up and Operating Procedures
  • CO2 Operations Training
  • Commissioning Support
  • Specialty material Procurement Services for highly corrosive environment (CO2 Floods)
  • Construction Management
  • Sand Handling Facilities

Pelican Energy has the ability to assist with your unique enhanced oil recovery project and can provide the right size project team regardless of your project size.  With our ability to quickly and efficiently provide customer focused solutions combined with our extensive experience that our team can draw from, Pelican Energy can provide the cost effective solution for your project.